Happy Stories

Ziggy and JK


We are Ziggy (brown) and JK (black). We live with our mammy, daddy and our two little sisters, Princess and Sophie.

We are all very happy and have a good live now. Unfortunately it was not always like that. We had a rough start in life and were lucky to be found by some really nice people from Mayo SPCA, you can read our full story in the Dec 06 edition of the Roscrea SPCA newsletter, here. We were nurtured back to good health by the nice people at Mayo SPCA, and mammy and daddy make sure we stay healthy.

We have lots of space to play in, two healthy meals a day (the odd treat here and there, yum!) and warm dry kennels to sleep in at night. Our job is to watch over the house and play with mammy and daddy. We love our job!

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Take care now,  Ziggy & JK

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