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Toby, Pepper and Barnaby

John and I are the proud and lucky owners of Toby (black terrier 5 years old approx.), Pepper and Barnaby (two brothers aged 15 months, brown/red and multi-coloured terriers). We got all three of them from Andrea and Co. at Roscrea SPCA and we are delighted to have them.

We got Toby about 4 years ago and he is a beautiful shiny black, with a little white patch on his chest. He is a loving, faithful and loyal dog. Very friendly and good natured. He is spoiled of course and sleeps inside at night. But he is house trained and rarely has any “accidents”. He loves dressing up in his doggy coat, sweater, t-shirt or his Santa suit. He actually won a rosette in a dog show in Ballingarry, Roscrea for runner-up in “Best Dressed Dog Category” behind a dog dressed as Sherlock Holmes (or Bones). Toby loves his walks and gets totally excited when the lead is produced or just at hearing the word “Walkies”.

Pepper (named after his colour) and Barnaby (named after our favourite TV detective, Chief Inspector Barnaby of Midsomer Murders) are two brothers from a litter of five that Roscrea SPCA assisted in rehoming. We were looking for a companion for Toby at the time and we seen that litter advertised on www.roscreaspca.ie  so we contacted Andrea to arrange a “viewing”. When we eventually got to visit there were only two of the five remaining and we could not decide which one we preferred, so we took BOTH!!! (Dog lovers do crazy things, but it is all for the love of these beautiful animals). They were born in January 2008 and were three months old when we took them home in March 2008. They had received their first shots while with Roscrea SPCA and we had their booster shots given to them, along with Toby, later that month. We then had all three neutered in early 2009 because this is SPCA policy and is a good strategy to reduce the increase in unwanted puppies being born. The Roscrea SPCA sponsored subsidized neutering scheme is a brilliant initiative in this regard and we would encourage all dog owners (and cat owners) to avail of it to help reduce unwanted offspring, who often end up in horribly sad situations and bad conditions.

Pepper and Barnaby settled in quickly and extremely well. Toby accepted them without much ado from Day 1, but at times we think he wonders “Are these visitors ever going home?”. They all compete for the love and attention that they crave!! But they are all the best of friends and can be seen most days curled up together on the couch, sleeping or playing together in their yard with their rope toys and loofah dog. They love going for walks together, although three of them together are a handful, they are so active when out for a walk!! But we manage and enjoy them. And it is great exercise for the dog owners too (Which is badly needed Tony!!)

We recently went away for a week holiday’s overseas and we booked our three lovely and adorable angels into a wonderful boarding kennel. Whytes Boarding Kennels, Barna, Dunkerrin, Co Offaly (about 8 miles from Roscrea) www.whytesboardingkennels.com . They were extremely well looked after by Ted and family and we will be very happy to return there with our pets in the future, such was the standard of care AND the happiness of our dogs. I think the “magic” ingredient here is that Ted and his family are “dog lovers” too and not just running a business!!! Well done and we recommend them to anyone looking to board their dogs for any length of time.

Toby, Pepper and Barnaby were ecstatic to see us on our return and we brought them lots of treats and new clothes to wear later in the year when the weather gets cold again!! Tony has a wall plaque in his hallway at home saying “The dogs and their housekeeper live here”. Never was there a truer saying!!!

But we love them and would not change them for the world. A big Thank You again to Roscrea SPCA (especially Andrea and Valerie) for giving us the opportunity to rehome Toby, Pepper and Barnaby. A huge Thank You also to them for all of the fantastic work they do for animals in need, near and far. Support Roscrea SPCA in whatever way you can!!!

Tony & John, Birr.

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