Subsidised Neutering

In 1996/97 we introduced a Subsidised Neutering Scheme for cats and dogs, both male and female.

Since it’s inception, the Scheme has been a huge success, growing from year to year.

Neutered Statistic
19981991 neutered 95
19992000 neutered 84
20002001 neutered 198
20012002 neutered 257
20022003 neutered 345
20032004 neutered 408
20042005 neutered 292
20052006 neutered 353
20062007 neutered 408
20082009 neutered 415
20092010 neutered 329
20102011 neutered 429
2011 – 2012 neutered 439


From 1998 to 2012 the total number of pets neutered was 4,052

We strongly urge pet owners to avail of this scheme, as it is getting harder and harder to find good homes for unplanned and unwanted litters of pups and kittens.  Once a dog or cat has reached six months of age it can be neutered.

Please note that female dogs and cats should not be neutered while they are in heat, it is best to wait a week or two after their heat is ended

The vets in Roscrea neuter the animals for the Roscrea SPCA Subsidised Neutering Scheme.

Their rates are as  follows:

Neutering Rates
 Female Dog:  Owner pays €70  Roscrea SPCA pays €20 Total €90
 Male Dog:  Owner pays €50  Roscrea SPCA pays €15 Total €65
 Female Cat:  Owner pays €50  Roscrea SPCA pays €15 Total €65
 Male Cat:  Owner pays €25  Roscrea SPCA pays €10 Total €35


Feral Cats (Wild)

Feral cats are a problem at the present time.  If animals are not neutered this problem can quickly escalate.  They become disease ridden through inbreeding and pose a threat to the health of domestic cats.  If you are feeding feral (wild) cats, contact us about our
TNR  (Trap, Neuter, Return) Scheme for Feral Cats.

To find out more about our Subsidised Neutering Scheme (pets and feral), please email or call Andrea on  086 358 2440 .