Scrappy looking for home

Scrappy will be with us a year next month ?
A year without a home offer!
A year without a special home to call his own!
A year of nobody wanting him ?
Some of you may know scrappys story, for those who don’t he was found as a terrified feral pup, traumatised!
It soon became clear that he had recieved a blow to the head causing him to be off balance at times, eye rolling and general clumsiness.
Scrappy can be quite fearful, and takes a lot of time to trust someone, he took an instant liking to a little girl in his foster home, she could approach him when I couldn’t.
It took a lot of time but scrappy quite happily walks off lead, recall is quite good.
He’s a special boy who needs his own special understanding person who doesn’t mind the quirks and careful care he will need.
He loves a comfy bed and sleeping in front of the fire.
Not a fan of cats and will need a secure safe area.
He gets on generally quite well with other dogs, can be a bit silly at times especially with new foster dogs.
I cant get anymore honest about him, no he’s not perfect, but I swore I would help him, so I’m asking could you help scrappy find his home. He can’t stay in foster forever! This was just meant to be a stepping stone to his forever after. Please share ❤
Contact 0873889741 if you think you can help this boy.

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