Harley looking for home


HARLEY is cairn terrier x, an older boy but not sure on age.
He was found neutered and microchipped but it wasn’t registered and no owner has yet come forward.
HARLEY has a skin condition due to allergies but he is slowly starting to come right. There is some care involved with his skin and we can give vetinary back up foe same. It does cause him to have a smell of which he can’t help poor guy.
He is isn’t at all bothered by other dogs but also doesn’t care for them. He is also good with cats.
He can be a little grumpy and growl but this is all truly part of his character and as his fosterer is very fond of him and his ways.
He loves to go for a spin in the car , head out the fields for a walk with you and follow you about the place.
He also likes to relax on the back of the couch in the evening.
If you think you can give Harley a place in your home please email us.

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