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Entry of pet dogs and cats into

EU Pet Passport “Declaration of Prior Approval” Applications

  • In the absence of approved airlines (except Futura Airlines from Spain and the Canary Islands) we have put in place an interim measure to facilitate the direct entry (by air) of pets into Ireland.Details as follows:The animal must, in the following order:
  • be identified by means of a microchip – no other form of identification is acceptable.  The micro-chip used should comply with ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO standard 11785 – otherwise the person accompanying the pet will have to carry their own scanner.
  • after vaccination, have been successfully blood-tested for rabies anti-bodies at least six months before entry into Ireland
  • have been correctly treated for tick and tapeworm between 24-48 hours prior to scheduled departure time
  • have been issued with an official passport under Regulation (EC) No. 998/2003

In addition to the above the pet animal must be accompanied on the journey to Ireland.

Evidence that the animal complies with the first four of the above requirements is contained in a passport – a document standardised throughout the EU.  For animals originating in an EU Member State the “passport” is in booklet form, blue in colour with the EU emblem of yellow stars.

In the case of animals originating in a qualifying country other than an EU Member State the “passport” is in the form of a “Veterinary Certificate” which must be printed in the language of Member State of entry and in English.  The “Veterinary Certificate” must be accompanied by supporting documentation or a certified copy of it including vaccination details and the result of the serological test.

In order that prior approval for entry into Ireland may be considered the following conditions will also apply:

1 A photocopy of the Passport/Veterinary Certificate including the front cover (for Member States passports) and completed Sections I to V inclusive must be faxed to the Special Projects Unit of the Department of Agriculture and Food at least 10 working days in advance of travel. Fax number + 353 1 607 2843. Where applicable, supporting documentation must also be faxed. If, on foot of examination of the faxed documentation the animal appears to satisfy the conditions for prior approval a “Prior Approval Declaration” will be issued. Release of the animal into free circulation will be subject to an inspection being carried out on the animal (to verify identification) and presentation and examination of the original passport and where appropriate, supporting documentation.  Where the animal appears not to be in compliance with the conditions outlined above prior approval will be refused.

2 Entry into Ireland will be by airline into Dublin Airport only

3 Written confirmation that the animal will be accompanied by its owner or a person responsible for the animal must be provided. Owner /person responsible name, address and contact telephone in Ireland must be provided.

4 The owner/person responsible for the pet will provide flight details or a written declaration that he/she will provide flight details to the Department of Agriculture and Food at least 24 hours prior to travel.

5 Prior to arrival at Dublin Airport arrangements must be in place for an approved courier to transfer the animal to Lissenhall Veterinary Hospital for inspection. Arrangements, including costs, for Lissenhall Veterinary Hospital and courier will be a matter for the pet owner. Contact and approximate cost details attached.

6 Written confirmation that a booking has been made at Lissenhall Veterinary Hospital facility and that the approved courier has been engaged must be provided prior to travel.

7 Original passport must be available for inspection.

8 Animals satisfying all of the requirements of the pet passport system will be released from quarantine into free circulation. It is expected that the inspection will take place on the day of arrival and usually within an hour or so of arrival at Lissenhall Veterinary Hospital.

9 Animals deemed not to have met all of the requirements of the Pet Passport System will be detained for up to six months at the public quarantine facility at the owners expense.

10 All pets entering Ireland by airline must travel as manifested freight (cargo) and cannot travel in the cabin or as checked baggage.

Please click HERE to download Prior Approval application form.

Note: Please ensure that you have read thoroughly the conditions for entry above before completing this application form.

Contact details and schedule of approximate costs for Lissenhall Veterinary Hospital

Contact details:

Lissenhall Veterinary Hospital
Co. Dublin

Tel: + 353 1 8900375 / 8401776
Fax: + 353 1 8409338
Email: lissenhallvet@eircom.net
Web: www.lissenhallvet.ie

Transport from Airport to Lissenhall Veterinary Hospital:

Arranged by Lissenhall Veterinary Hospital

Costs: (approximate)

(a) Transport
Collection charge:……….€110 per animal incl of VAT at 21%

Surcharge applicable where more than one animal to be transported.

(b) Inspection Fees

  • One animal………. €100 incl of VAT at 13.5%
  • Each additional animal in the same ownership……. €50 incl of VAT at 13.5%

The above rates apply to the following times:

Monday to Friday (incl.)…………… 6am to 8pm.

Saturday /Sunday/Bank Holiday……. 6am to 5pm

Transport/Inspection outside of these hours will cost an additional flat rate of €100 plus VAT at 13.5%