Keep your pet safe



A number of stray dogs and pups are reported to our Society every week.  If your animal has strayed or gone missing there are a number of important steps to follow when trying to locate it.

Be aware that if it is collected by the Dog Warden and sent to the Pound you have five (5) working days in which to claim it after which time the animal will be put to sleep.  Remember over20,000 animals are put to sleep in the Pounds in Ireland every year and you don’t want your pet becoming another statistic of this sad fact.

The following should be contacted immediately if your pet goes missing:

  •  Local Dog Warden, John Maher  (087) 4194548 
  •  Nth Tipp Dog Pound –  067 – 33323 
  •  Local Garda (Roscrea)  0505 – 21700 
  •  Local Veterinary Practices
  •  Roscrea SPCA –  086 – 3582440 
  •  Laois SPCA Dog Warden – Tristan Blundell –  057 – 8734067 
  •  Offaly SPCA Dog Warden – Ray Mulhall –  057 – 9351181 

 You should also:

 Advertise on Tipp FM

 Display notices in shop windows

 Contact friends or neighbours who may have seen it

 Visit our Lost & Found section.

It is important to have a collar and tag on your animal, or you can write on the inside of the collar with a marker which will be sufficient.  There is nothing more frustrating than finding an animal without a collar as it is very difficult to re-unite it with its owner, or finding a dog with a collar but no means of identification on it.

You can now have your pet microchipped.  Contact your vet for further details.

Common plants can pose major threats to your pet’s health. 

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